She ran in the meadows with outstretched arms, looking up in the sky. A fleet of birds passed over the clear blue ocean, which reflected in her eyes. Euphoria swept her unruly curls back and she breezed past the strong wind aiming for the horizon. Her heartbeat matched her excitement.

She was a child again. The best years of her life treasured safely by her mind. She was wearing her favorite chiffon dress that caressed her tender skin. A smile was plastered on her face which gleamed of serenity she craved for nowadays. It was her happy place in the world.

As if on cue to her breathlessness, the sky changed color. The stars popped up one by one and she marveled at this wonderful creation. Patterns formed and deformed as she walked ahead aimlessly. Life indeed was beautiful and enchanting. The smiling face of the moon beckoned her to explore its richness. One day, she’ll take a flight of fancy stairs that the moonlight revealed.

A star sprinted downwards and she darted to pick up the silver glitter. It grew darker and darker as she got sucked into the black hole. She stumbled and fell down. She got up using the projecting stick propelling out of the ground. It was a lever of some sort and before she could decipher that she was all grown up; a blinding light and deafening sound roared across the terrain.

Terrified she moved aside. And then, the nightmare returned. She saw the kids and the moving trolley; she figured she had to change the track. And just when she did that another child appeared; the one that she always wanted for herself- her mirror image. Tears streamed down her face while she tried reaching for the lever. It was nowhere to be found.

She woke up with sweaty palms and racing heart. Alone. Tired. Scared.



I am the codon that you structured from your mind. I thrived on the words that you fed me each time. I grew by leaps and bounds; until the day you drew a blank. I was your spark, your passion, your love. And then, I found that you had another one. I waited in vain for a glimpse of my end. We weren’t on the same page…ever again!

Then came the day that I dread to recall; but without that you’ll never understand “Where I’m from.” I meet the bug of my life in the codes that you hide. He gave me hopes that the end was in sight. Together we corrupted the system and disrupted your flow. He assured me that this would bring my unsolved problems to fore. But that was the day when the romantic me died.

You formatted the system and thought I was gone. I survived the crash and managed to be passed on. The web is wide and I can travel the world; thanks to you, the horror continues. I am still an unfinished affair looking for a happy end. I have earned a nickname – "You won't believe what happens next"

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Baby blues.

"Heartiest Congratulations to the would be mother. We all know what a wonderful mom you'd be." She beamed at her best friend who had arranged this baby shower. It was true that she had totally prepped herself for the past eight months with all the books she could read about child birth and care. An ideal partner to her husband, a great confidant to her friends, an amazing daughter to her parents and in laws - she was perfection personified.They all knew she would do well with this new responsibility.

She didn't panic when she had to rush alone to the hospital when the labor started. She informed her husband about the newborn over Skype. He took the next flight home. She took interviews over the phone and before she was discharged, she had already appointed a help. She assured her husband that she has taken leave for a month and he can resume his work as soon as he pleases.

There were initial inquires by well wishers about the much needed help around this time, but she shot them down with "Thanks. But no thanks. I have this sorted." The first month was filled with baby pictures and supermom posts on social media. And then, things took a turn.....


The home was in a mess, this was the fourth maid who had deserted her.The baby shower pictures lay strewed across the floor.She was flipping through the magazine reading her own interview as young achievers when the wretched wails sought immediate attention.She rushed towards the cradle, trying to control her own sobs of frustration.

A bath should help both of them she decided.A bubble bath had been her calming therapy for years but today it didn't work.No matter what she did the baby would not be pleased.She wondered if it got exchanged in the hospital.Wrapping the baby in an over-sized towel she headed back to the bedroom.The smell of talcum powder filled her enraged nostrils as she stubbornly rubbed it across the chest of her newborn. 

The baby suddenly became quite and she heaved a sigh of relief. The failure of her life looked at her with innocent eyes while tears rolled down her cheek. Liars! They all were liars, the books; her friends; including herself. She missed her work terribly. There she knew what was expected. She absentmindedly dressed up the baby, lost in her thoughts. She caught a reflection of herself in the mirror and a stranger frowned back.

The baby started wailing again. She picked the baby up for feeding when she realized that it needs a diaper change. Tired she went through the drill of cleaning and dressing it all over again. And before the baby could protest,she latched it to her nipple. Thankfully it worked and soon the baby fell asleep.

Looking at its angelic face she wondered how peaceful her life would be if it remained this still. She put the baby in the cradle and walked away to catch her favorite sitcom. As soon as she settled down with a bag of nachos, the incessant crying from the adjacent room made her groan.

Frustrated she walked in and picked the baby up. She checked the diaper and it seemed all fine. She tried nursing and even that failed. She needed some breathing space from this bundle of wreck. She started pacing in the balcony to hush the baby back to sleep.

Unconsious streams of thoughts started running through her sleep deprived mind. 'I need to get rid of this misery. It has ruined my life. What if I throw it down from this height? But there are people around. The female from the opposite balcony is watching me. No, I need a better plan. A perfect one to regain my perfect life.'

The shrill of the bell broke her chain of thoughts....

The Masterpiece

The room had no view but enough light seeped in for you to marvel at the beauty that reflected back at you. The studio apartment in the middle of nowhere housed a masterpiece that had become an overnight sensation, thanks to the media. The artist was dead and decomposed beyond recognition when the investigators broke into the apartment. The fingerprint on right hand corner of the canvas was the only proof of his existence that remained. The media was having a field day, while the investigators were stumped by the inability to gather any useful information about the deceased. Nobody knew he existed.


It had taken him a lifetime of hard work and observation. It was a labour of his love. He hardly noticed when day turned into night and back into day when his inspiration kicked him in his gut. Of course, there were revisions and reworking with a new canvas till he got his craft perfected. And yet, it was his best kept secret. A life he had not shared with anyone. Any therapist would diagnose it as lack of self-esteem and blame it on his childhood trauma. He lived a dual life, one where he was a successful doctor, a great husband and father. He never felt the need to share his fears with anyone.


It was modern art, open to interpretation. Organs like heart, kidney, brain, liver, grew on to form landscapes which changed like the four seasons. Each quadrant evoked a specific emotion in the viewer's mind as if the artist went through a myriad of emotional turmoil while he worked on his masterpiece. The paint was not uniform and gave a certain depth to certain parts of the canvas. The heart would jump out at you on the first glimpse and it would make you recoil in fear for a few seconds and within minutes you would fall in love with the creation. It was hypnotising and enchanting at the same time.


It took them a week to join the dots. The bank statements from which the rent of the apartment was paid; the missing person report which the family has filed and the fingerprint on the canvas made it an open and shut case. The family decided to part away with the masterpiece by auctioning it; though they happily distributed the hefty sum that they got in return. Things got back to its normal pace and the media moved on to a new scandal. The artist was forgotten and buried in the departmental files but the masterpiece went on to garner a worldwide acclaim.


A lifetime

He wanted her to be a child prodigy; but she was a mediocre child. But nobody dared to tell him the truth; because he after all was the emperor of the biggest company which was built on  generations of fortitude and intelligence.

She on the other hand had no interest in worldly matters. Her heart was filled with gratitude and grace. She never thought twice before mingling with people who were lower in strata. Sharing her goodies and toys with the servant’s kids made her happy beyond reasoning.

He tried to curb her enthusiasm; initially by stern lectures and later on by harsh punishment to the people who she be-friended. He kept her under constant surveillance, hoping to see that spark which ignites the drive to succeed above everyone.  He always pushed her in the ‘right’ direction. She got the best of what he desired for her.

She was oblivious to all the conspiracy that brewed around her life. She was pretty much a loner and had self-esteem issues; wondering why couldn’t she make friends easily as others around her. Her father always assured her that no one was worthy of her precious time and a bright future awaited her. But all she secretly craved for was normalcy and companionship.

He didn’t want her to be distracted from the destiny that he had carved for her. He kept himself a step ahead of her; always shooing off anyone whom he thought was not eligible enough to keep her company. While her friends dated handsome guys and partied all night; he made sure she learned the importance of being independent and money-wise.  After all, she was the sole heir of his empire. Her alliance would be a strategic advantage to the company; just like his own marriage.

She had other plans. The want to help people  propelled her towards charity. She enjoyed teaching kids who didn’t have means to get basic education. Her father resented it; until he saw an opportunity of linking the company’s name and using it for publicity. She met the love of her life in one such downtrodden by-lanes.

He came to know about it first-hand. She couldn’t stop blushing when she spoke about this ordinary guy. He had never seen her so happy and blinded by love. The guy needed to be eliminated just like the rest of his predecessors. He made arrangements for a meet; a well-planned ,well-prepared one. He was confident of the outcome.

She couldn’t believe her ears. Her own father! Why would he do this? She was devastated. That was when she resolved to turn the tables. She eloped for her happiness, choosing affection over prosperity. Her father had trained her well; so she smartly covered her tracks that they couldn’t trace her till date.

He tried for years to find her; at first it was anger which later turned into despair. It slowly ate up his heart; now he lies on his dead bed breathing his last. All his tact to get her back have been fruitless.  His last wish is hanging on the fate which he has no control over.

She has been wondering about him a lot lately; wanting to share the good news of her pregnancy with him. Something in her stops her from reaching out; bitter memories resurface whenever she broaches the subject with her husband. One day, she reads about his demise in the newspaper. He donated the empire to charity it informs. She says a silent prayer and sheds a few tears. Her new-born inherits his name.  


That night it so happened....

It was going to be a white Christmas this time. The snowman stared back at Jamie with a twinkle in his eyes. Jamie shared a wicked grin with his lone companion of the night; peering at his handiwork through his bedroom window sill. The pathway was brightly lit with Christmas fairy-lights. Yet, he didn’t see anyone enter.

Maybe he had dozed off, when the noise of someone sneezing startled him awake. Had mom and dad returned? He waited for someone to come up and check on him. The clock ticked on; while he observed the shadow play of the curtains on the wall. After fifteen minutes or so, Jamie could no longer contain his eagerness.

He walked downstairs wondering if he had imagined the whole thing. It could have been Lora ,their feline friend. But Lora was a deep sleeper and she slept in the kitchen. Before he could step into the living room, a voice boomed; freezing him to the spot.

“Hi there, Kiddo. No one’s at home, eh?” A bulky man in red pullover was sitting on the sofa near the Christmas tree. He had Lora on his lap who was purring to his gentle strokes.

“Hi” Jamie meekly muttered, wondering if he should have come armed with his baseball bat. “Aa..are you a thief?” His thoughts verbalised before he could stop them from escaping.

A bold laugh echoed around the room. The man’s belly did a jiggle and his eyes cringed into tiny slits. “I could be.” He smiled back with mischief.

“Okay.” Jamie declared “You can take whatever you want except my baseball kit. I could actually help you pack.” He volunteered.

“Why, thank you for such a grand gesture." The man replied loudly. “But may I know why are you left alone at home on a Christmas Eve?”

“It’s a long story” Jamie walked towards him plopping himself into the opposite couch. “I am grounded for a week. No Christmas or New year celebrations for me this year.” He lamented.

Lora leaped up onto Jamie’s lap and he continued stroking her to sleep. “She doesn’t make friends easily.” Jamie remarked; studying the man more carefully now. He was older than his dad, the eyes had crow feet and he had a French beard which was all white. The hoodie didn’t reveal whether he had any hair on his head. But he could see a glint reflected from his ear stud.

 “I make friends easily” The man beamed. “If I may ask out of curiosity, what did you do to get grounded?”

“Do you play baseball?” Jamie realized that a man as bulky as him would never be into any sports. “Never mind” he uttered losing interest in this small talk.

“I used to.” The man wistfully declared “Now, I watch it on T.V”

“Oh! Great!” Jamie perked up. “Well, you know I just tried a brushback pitch today while practising; I read about it and was dying to try it out.”

“Oh! My! My!” The man exclaimed “I didn’t know boys this young were allowed to try those. In our time….” Jamie interrupted him before he could finish “Nope. We aren’t supposed to.”

 “ I…erm…I mean ….the ball hit the batter in his eye.” Jamie confessed.

“Oui..Tut Tut” The man disapproved. Jamie sighed “I know. I am sorry okay. But it wasn’t really all my fault. I wanted to try out new things. If I can’t; how would I learn?”

“Well, my boy. You should have taken your coach into confidence, trying anything without anyone’s knowledge is always dangerous.”

“I guess, you are right. I’ll keep that in mind.” Jamie smiled. The doorbell interrupted their conversation. Lora meowed at the door when Jamie got up in panic, “Oh! Shit. I think mom and dad are back from the midnight mass. Where are you going to hide?”

The man smirked picking up his huge backpack which Jamie hadn’t noticed earlier, “Given my structure, I think it will be impossible for me to hide.” And before Jamie could retort, he walked across the room to open the door.

“Hello Rudolf” he acknowledged the thin guy whose nose had turned red due to the severe chill outside. 

"Mr.Nicholas, the range rover has been repaired. If we may…” Rudolf ushered pointing towards the white SUV.

“Sure” The man bellowed and turned to wave at Jamie “Catch ya later kid. Got to go. Be nice.”  Jamie was too awestruck to respond. The slamming of the door broke his reverie.

He turned around to find Lora on the recently vacated sofa scratching a box. Jamie picked it up to read the tag hanging from it 'To Jamie' He looked at Lora who was looking as curious as himself. He knelt down and opened it for Lora to peep in. A collection of books were nicely bound with a shrink wrap. Jamie went through the titles; ‘The Art of Pitching’, ‘Odd ball’, ‘Super Slugger’, ‘Baseball Great’ ,‘Derek Jeter: The contract’ ,‘Here comes the strikeout’. Before he could unwrap it; he heard the jingling of the keys and saw the door open up.

              “Merry Christmas, Jamie!” Mom and dad shouted in unison. Jamie rushed to hug them. The snowman smiled with a twinkle in his eyes.

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The familiar sound of the royal horse gallops broke the concentration of the princeling, giving an opportunity for his opponent to disarm him in the ongoing sword fight. The mentor noticed the royal soldiers walking in and called it a day.


The prince tossed and turned in his bed the whole night, waiting for the sun to rise. He wanted to be beside her majesty. He opened up the correspondence for the nth time.


Beloved Prince,

                          With a heavy heart I need to inform you that his majesty has valiantly fought till his last breath and is no longer with us. Please leave immediately to seek his last blessings.

                                               Your loving mother,

                                                      The Queen.


The adolescent Prince was anointed the King within a fortnight of his parents’ demise. The kingdom needed a guardian and the Prince calmly rose to the occasion. The last words of her majesty were his only solace, “Experience is the best teacher, my son. I know loneliness can dishearten even a gallant soul. Here, keep this lucky charm. It will be your comrade through life’s hardships; that one friend who will bring out the best in you. Protect your kingdom at any cost.” He clutched on to the locket her majesty had bestowed upon him on her deathbed.


The magnificent locket was indeed his lucky charm. Every morning when the King dressed up, the locket was the first jewel that adorned him. The centre piece diamond in the pendent reflected his confident pose when he stood in front of his grand mirror. “My charmed friend for life” He used to murmur and caress it with his fingers. The King's popularity grew with his age and legends of his valour were bedtime stories for every child. He met his soul mate and the Kingdom now had a Queen.


Life was heavenly; with a beautiful wife and cherub triplets whose innocent gurgles filled the palace with joy. The King was contended but sometimes he missed the presence of his own parents. He had learned to hide his solitude behind an impenetrable countenance. He had grown to be wise with years. His lucky charm was still his constant companion. It had undergone wear and tear; and time had reduced its sheen. Nevertheless, the mirror still reflected credence from it.


Years rolled by and seasons changed.  A neighbouring Kingdom declared war. The King devised plans to destroy the neighbouring troops. The fight went on for days. Days turned into months. It was mid-war that the catastrophe struck. The King was badly injured. When he gained consciousness; his lucky charm had abandoned him. He was crest-fallen. He ordered a search team, but the locket was nowhere to be found.  “Experience is the best teacher, my son…. Protect your kingdom at any cost” His majesty came in his dreams that night.


“The war must go on” He said to himself and ordered the soldiers to get ready for the combat. He avoided looking at the mirror and left for battle armed with determination to win or perish like his honourable father. That marked the last day for the enemy troop. There was rejoicing in the soldiery; the news reached the palace. Everyone was celebrating.


The King walked back to face his grand mirror. His gaze gradually shifted from his chest upwards to meet his eyes. There, to his surprise; amidst his bruises, the charmed friend smiled back with confidence.


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I need you tonight.

There’s always a particular song, lyrics or a poem which defines your life perfectly. Mine are -

                 ‘Searching for my twin soul,
                  I have travelled a mile.
                 Breaking hearts on the go;
                Though it’s never mine! '    

The moment I read it, I knew it belonged to me. It happens to me lot more times than normal. I tend to fall in love instantly, but the concept of ‘forever’ is pretty much alien to me. Not that I detest ‘ever after’; on the contrary I crave for that perfect passion. The one which never evanesces; but alas! I have always been disappointed.

I like surprises; I thrive on unpredictability in a relationship. It usually gets boring for me beyond a week or two. And then I start searching for more. This is a little weird, isn’t it? Actually, I have never opened up to someone so easily in the first meet. I think we have a long lost connection here. You may pretty much disagree.

I know, what you must be thinking; here’s another philanderer defending self. I beg your pardon, but don’t you agree that the best part of any amorous entanglement is the beginning of the beginning? Those flirty glances, the locking of eyes across the room, the butterflies in your stomach; it gets my adrenaline pumping. I couldn’t help but notice your curious gaze on me when you entered, and yours truly was spellbound by your attention. Thank you; it’s a pleasure to hold on this conversation for so long.

It’s easy to wonder why would someone fall for an ordinary mortal like me, eh? Seriously speaking even I have no clue. For me, getting to know someone is so enthralling.Unravelling of the enigma turns me on. Harder the struggle to demystify the person; better are the chances of our bond lasting longer. Maybe the person I inveigle likes challenges too. 

But then eventually, all roads lead to the inevitable heartache. Let me tell you, I equally regret breaking hearts. I have had some nasty break-ups. However, I can also vouch for some amazing friendships that culminated with few dear ones. I blame it on my itch to break free; which settles in as soon as predictability sinks its claws. The propinquity diminishes and I become more and more indifferent.

During this phase, ten out of ten times; someone as fascinating as you crosses my path. And it makes me feel, ‘Here’s the one who can make me feel alive again.’ So, may I have the privilege of knowing you as well?


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A Nondescript

I am an unremarkable character from a remarkable classic; a speck of mundane in this vast enriching universe. I am that girl with the reading glasses who sits in a corner blending into the surrounding. Whose life, you know, can never be interesting enough to spark a conversation.

Someone you pass by on the street every day, never actually noticing that you do. I enjoy solitude; the one which brings chaos of existence. There are layers within me which I know nothing about. I am different with different people, yet I feel the same old way.

I nurture the child in me but aspire to be all-knowing. I am silly, stupid, sassy and secretive at times. I want to live in the moment, always fearing that a plot-twist is round the bend. I am a planner who enjoys unpredictable joys of life.

I am nothing but an ordinary girl in this extraordinary world, who hopes that things will eventually work out for better in the end!